Tuesday, May 22, 2007

CDMix #4

This was my fourth CD mix, and Flipsy is the only one bugging me to list my choices, but it’s a good excuse to write….

1. Song with a day of the week in the title.
Saturday Night And Sunday Morning Phil Collins

2. A song you disliked as a youngster that you like now.
Get Up Stand Up Bob Marley & The Wailers I don’t know why I didn’t like it. But maybe it’s because I couldn’t figure out why he kept saying the same thing over and over again. I guess it’s because it took about 500,000 times for me to understand what he meant…so it’s a good thing he kept repeating it.

3. Sellout - song from a TV commercial.
We Will Rock You Queen EVERY FUCKING COMMERCIAL. Puhleez!

4. Kickass cover song.
The Bitch Is Back Tina Turner LOVE. HER.

5. Musical question...
Why Annie Lennox Like I could resist.

6. And answer!
Don't Ask Me Why So many answers…this one was perfect

7. Third person song
She's a Rebel Green Day Little brother hates this group…had to pick it.

8. Uplugged - a favorite acoustic song.
. Crazy (Acoustic Version) Seal I love this guy’s voice….even though I don’t own any of his CDs..

9. A song about food.
Chocolate The Getaway People It has to be Chocolate…

10. Trains, Planes and Automobiles: song about a mode of transport
El Automovil Los Van Van I loved this song, and it made me miss Flipsy, and dancing on the beach in Florids

11. A song that cheers you up.
Big Girl (You Are Beautiful) MIKA I LOVE LOVE LOVE this guy, and again, I don’t own any of his CDs, I just listen to his music on MSN music and watch his in concert videos.

12. Media - songs about radio, TV or other type of media Video Killed the Radio Star (Radio Edit) Timeline Project This song reminds me of high school…I don’t know why. I don’t think it’s that old.

13. Add it up
One Short Day Idina Menzel/Kristin Chenoweth

14. plus
Three Little Birds Bob Marley & The Wailers

15. Equals
4 Leaf Clover Erykah Badu

16. Banned! A song that is, or was in its day, controversial.
Let's Go Get Stoned Ray Charles ‘nuf said.

17. A song about a family member
Sister Indigo Girls

18. A favorite song that you have discovered since our last CD mix.
- Maybe There's a World Yusuf Islam “ Again, I love this guy. Have since I was 15. Could listen to nothing but him for the rest of my life.

19. A song that reminds you of an old friend.
More Than A Feeling Boston I should have picked a different song….this person hasn’t been a friend for a long time.

20. Amnesty song
Hackensack Fountains Of Wayne I thought this was “Hackensaw” and I picked it out a long time ago for Bet, then when I read it more carefully, well, now I just feel dyslexic.

I hope you enjoyed these!!

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I can't explain why I haven't written in so long, it's not that I haven't wanted to...it's just that I haven't felt like it....

I know that must make sense to some/all of you. Thanks for understanding.

We are less than 6 months out to Hawaii (see way below for the countdown....) and I have lost all of 5 pounds...Oy. If I had one wish, it would be that everyone in Hawaii was fat for the week I was there.