Sunday, January 26, 2014

Empty Nesters

I cannot believe I am the only person happy to be an empty nester. I love my kids. I loved watching them grow up. I loved being around them and their friends and watching them become their own people, whether that included me or not. I'm just so proud of them both and happy that they appear to be on a path that will lead them to their goals and happiness.

Yes, I am realistic that shit will happen in their lives that no one will be happy about. Good experiences will be on that path as well, I expect, but at the end....I believe there will be no criminal activity in their future.

As a parent, can you/we not say that that is the minimum we would hope for??

....ok..when my kids pick their “career” I think the reward of their personal and professional experience is more important than the big celebrity/business powerhouse/public servant making a difference.

Of course I would hope also that there might be financial reward supporting a middle to upper class lifestyle.