Monday, October 08, 2007

CD Mix #5

Stennie charges again....Even thought I mailed my CDs out by the due date (oct 1) I have still only received 3 of 8 as of today, and there's no mail today!!! What's up with that????

This was harder than most, and even though the categories were very cool, it wasn't as much fun this time. Maybe because I knew I wouldn't see songs from SoyGoy or other CD Mix regulars. I have enjoyed newbies Duke and Sal....thanks for playing.

1. Song that has the same title as #18 VacationTowncrier The End and Everything After This is one of those songs I had to pick up out of Itunes because I wanted a vacation song and I didn’t have one. The song I originally had was too long for the CD

2. Song about the moon Listen To The Moon Hans York Inside Out I just heard this guy sing locally, he’s got that mellow sound I could live with…This song was listed incorrectly on the CD, if you could read it on your computer...sorry.

3. Fashion police: Glove Killdren WIAF E.P. Yep, Little Brother’s garage band is at it again…listen to those cool bass licks…

4. Song about one of the seasons: Summer Love George Benson That's Right Oh yea…

5. “Title out of nowhere:” Regarding Steven Blues Traveler Live From The Fall [Disc 1] Love these guys

6. Spell it out: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Company Soundtrack hee hee… thanks to Shawn F. to turning me on to this soundtrack. I’d love to do this show in B’ham, but “my unfortunate erection” would never make it on stage…

7. New song: Inside Out, Sara Barielles Sara Bareilles Careful Confessions My BFF used to babysit her in CA. very pop now

8. A song that says goodbye Goodbye Earl Dixie Chicks Fly my favorite song for DV month

9. Home: “I am…I said” Neil Diamond Hot August Night For you Stennie.

10. A song that makes you sad Tears in Heaven – Eric Clapton Eric Clapton: The Best of - Clapton Makes me think of lost came out right after my niece was killed in a car accident. (#2--sorry!!)

11. Psycho: Crazy Babies Ozzy Osbourne The Essential Ozzy (Disc 1) From Little Brother’s collection

12. Song everyone hates except you. Momnipotent Nancy White Momnipotent While I was burning this, LB said “Not again!”

13. Four-letter word: Hero David Crosby & Phil Collins Love them.

14. Thanks: Thank you Baby! Shania Twain Up! (Red Disc) Desperate times call for desperate measures…

15. Song you think should have been playing when you were born My Fat is my Fortune Various Artists MESHUGGAH-Nuns! Cracks me up…this show is going up in B’ham in December. Get your tickets now.

16. Kick-ass cover redux: Every little thing he does is magic (#2--sorry!!) Shawn Colvin Cover Girl I know, I already had this one on a mix too…sorry. I do like it though.

17. Song about the sun Here comes the Sun (#2--sorry!!) The Beatles Abbey Road My “new home-just hooked up the stereo” song.

18. Song that has the same title as #1. Vacation Ernest S. Papay kids'songs! - Kid Karaoke - How many days to Hawaii???

19. Bonus Track (optional): sorry….no room!!

Thursday, October 04, 2007


How long does it have to be for me to have completely forgotten my password and so I had to re-set ...

Assuming since I have had virtually NO comments since July, I wasn't really missed.

I'm just hopping on to let you know that I've got one month before I turn the big 5-0..

I know!!

And I have lost only about 4 lbs, which I could gain back in a heartbeat...

And I will.