Thursday, November 24, 2005


Here is the report on the show. I hesitate to call this a review, although she was kind to two of the actors. I am cutting 20-30 minutes from the show before opening. Of course, she saw our FIRST run through, so how could I have known...I guess I did. As it was, I had cut 10 minutes that afternoon! We are sold out for opening night and Sunday matinee already. I hope no one with children tries to get their money back!!

How willing will 7 actors be to come in Friday after T-giving to work on the problem spots (which they are part of???)


Happy Day of Thanks to all of you dear readers. My first husband's gift to me this year is that we are going OUT TO DINNER at a restaurant. No obligatory conversation with strangers, no uncomfortable interaction between adolescent teenage acquaintances, no cooking and no helping to clean up afterwards.

And my gift to him is that I'm not spending any money tomorrow.

Everyone wins this year.

As I hope it is with you.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I can't be pregnant

But I feel more nauseated than I did when baby brother was anticipated and I had the stomach flu at the same time...Maybe it's because tonight the reviewer is coming to see "Mattress" here, half of my former co-workers are coming, and as of yet, we have not run the full show top to bottom with orchestra, lights costume changes and special effects. Why you might ask? A lot has to do with the fact that this is community theatre and half my cast and crew are in college and have lives, rehearsals, jobs, midterms, colds and attitudes, and the other half don't have midterms in the mix.

I have become very spiritual in the past two weeks and have had my Tarot cards read twice, both times with positive outcomes with regard to the show. I have met some wonderful actors, actresses and crew during this process. The greatest delight is that the high school kids have been REALLY committed and professional. They are being taught well...

I have become greatly disappointed in grown-ups whom I thought I could depend on who didn't come through.

My greatest fear is that this experience will damage personal relationships based on un-met expectations.

My greatest hope is that I went way over budget so that the theatre folks won't let me do this again. I seem to have no control over my desire to direct.

We have flawless actors singers and musicians. Let's just hope they can distract from the flaws in the props, costumes and set. AG said you shouldn't beleive a bad review, which means you also can't believe a good one. I just don't want the reviewer to tell people to stay away from this production....

BTW, mom is coming from LA to see the show, and middle sister is coming from AZ. There goes my stomach again... OY!

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

14 days and counting

So as if it weren't enough that I got really sick early in the rehearsal process, and then half my cast got sick, and then two of my leads got really really sick, and then one of my leads bumped her head and got a concussion, and then I broke my ankle, and then another lead slipped on his deck and landed flat on his back, then as if that weren't enough that my set isn't done, I don't have a full back stage crew and my orchestra is missing half a wind and brass section, as if that wasn't enough, this morning my car (the old one, the automatic, since I can't drive the new car since it's a stick, and oh, did I mention I broke my ankle??) my old car would not start.

Am I being punished? I thought Hell week was supposed to start NEXT Monday...


Friday, November 04, 2005

November 4!!!

Today is my baby sister's wedding anniversary, and her daughter's birthday....

And, it is the birthday of far, it's been a great morning, but I've only been awake for an hour and a half, which, in fact, is about all the time it takes for the day to take a header into the crapper.

So drink a toast to me, as I am still clean and sober, and plan to be, until I'm not.

PS, my ex-drinking habit had NOTHING to do with the aforementioned ankle incident, as I stopped drinking weeks case you were curious...