Sunday, February 18, 2007

Your Hawaiian Word of the Week #16

You know, I know it’s a long way off until November, But I’m really starting to get excited about my trip!! So far, only one person (still) has made reservations, but I am hopeful a few more will show up for the visit.

Even though I am landing in Oahu, I may schedule a day (or two) trip to Maui) and DEFINITELY a helicopter trip around once.

This week’s word is brought to you by the letter :V”

Lua Pele -- Volcano

Friday, February 16, 2007

Never say never

I love my Dish Network (sorry Stennie)

This week I have been recording all of the "Hawai'is Best" "Hawai'i on a Budget" and "Girl in Hawai'i" to study up for my trip. I hope ya'll have been saving your latte $$.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Your Hawaiian Word of the Week #15

Well friends, as I enter into week three of this hacking lung wrenching cough/cold/throat thing, I look forward to warmer weather.

A good friend of mine is working on an academic paper, and wished out loud she had a quiet place to write where she wouldn’t be interrupted. The next day another friend called her and said she needed to house sit her little house ON THE BIG ISLAND OF HAWAII for two months, and did my friend know someone….short story, my friend is leaving on Feb 19 for 60 days!!

So now, my challenge is to you, my friends.

Say out loud, so the universe can hear you:
“I wish I could go to Hawaii with my friend Marla in November.”

I’m standing by the phone, waiting for your call.

Your vocabulary word of the week is brought to you by the letter “Y”, and the word is “Year.” As in Happy New Year to all my Chinese friends next week.

Happy New Year: Hau’oli Mahakiki Hou

Sing along with me.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

What's next?

I was actually in this show which closed last night, not that you would have known if from reading this article, because not only did they not mention me, they didn’t even refer to the short play I was in, which was called, by the way, “A Winter Family Christmas.” I played a schizophrenic mother. (Again, with the mother role…..) It was as well attended as it should have been…

This same week, the local “Take 5” printed a VERY flattering photo of yours truly, in character. The masses did not respond with a resounding vote of confidence. The fact that the entirety of the show was one hour and fifteen minutes, and that I was only on stage for four of those minutes made my energy expense minimal.

I have to admit I was not as supportive of the experience as I could have/should have been I really liked the people I worked with. They were good actors, very generous on stage and really nice and smart. I guess I'm just too set in my ways for this post-college theatre of the bazaare.

Your Hawaiian Word of the Week #14

This week’s word is brought to you be the letter “g”, another unused letter in the Hawaiian language…The phrase of the week is

“Good morning” Aloha kakahi-aka

At least we'll use it!!

Learn it. Live it. For a week or so in November….