Monday, October 31, 2005

Don't Read this if you are Squeamish

Since Baby Brother kept asking to see my broken ankle, I thought, well maybe one person in blogland would also enjoy a little color in my life. If not, feel free to skip this one.

36 hours later

Sunday, October 30, 2005

What's up here...

Let’s review the week, shall we?

Monday, one of the leads in the show I am directing hit her head while laughing, and ended up with a concussion and is still on dance restriction until this Wednesday.

Tuesday, I spent the first 45 minutes of rehearsal doing the job of our “publicity persn” because her photos sucked. In addition four people missed rehearsal because they were sick.

Wednesday, during the rehearsal, at about 9:15, one of the chorus members stepped forward as I was concentrating on placement for 6 people on stage for the opening of Act II, which I had just blocked the day before, and asked if she could go home, as she thought she was done for the day. (She was one of the four who missed the day before.)

Thursday, Big Sister turned 16, and had a very low key day, considering the weekend before, and the weekend to come. I went to the work party, and discovered my costumer still had not done a costume plot, and was 5 costumes short and had no idea what the hell she was going to do.

Friday, the lead showed up for rehearsal, and made it through, after I spent the first half hour telling the cast they were great and wonderful, and if they didn’t keep quiet back stage, I’d lose my mind.

Saturday, got a lot of errands done, (I’m still doing props, as my props person has yet to make it to rehearsal) and in the last five minutes of the work party, I fell off the 9 inch riser and spent the next three hours in emergency where I discovered you CAN break your ankle and still walk on it…Now I’m in a walking cast.

Yeah, that was quite a week. I can’t wait till tomorrow!!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

16 is a magic number

Lots of things associated with the number 16. Driving. Square roots. Dating. Moms on Xanax.

Today, Big Sister is 16. She woke up, ate breakfast and went to high school, like any normal day. When I hugged her this morning, I asked her how she could have turned 16 when I don't feel a day older than the day she was born. "Law of Nature." my angel child said.

She does have her moments.

When I have more time to blog, I'll tell you the story of her "Woman's Wisdom" gathering I had for her birthday. Perhaps I can juxtapose that with her blowout "Connie and Carla"/pizza/cake fest she is planning for Saturday night.

Oh, and BTW, Big Sister WANTS to go to homecoming next week. Genetics stop here.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Definition - Adolescent

Let's break it down, shall we?

Ad - as in advertisement, which mostly is FALSE advertisement. You know, bait and switch, as in one day there is a cute kid, all cozy and cuddly and sweet and hugs in the morning, and the next day, you believe in your heart of hearts you have given birth to the anti-Christ, and you are just waiting for his head to spin and hurl green pea soup.

dol - form of the word "dull" because everything you say to him IS dull, his expression is dull, his conversation skills (with adults) is, at best, dull.

es - form of the word "ass" as in, he needs to be kicked in the....

scent - (Poetic license taken here) scent, well, let me just say you don't want to be around when he takes off his shoes, and you'll really appreciate that stuffed up nose if you need to make a trip into his room to get your sweaters you have stored in his closet all summer...

Sunday, October 16, 2005

When moms get sick....

It's not fair. I think that when we give birth, there should be some genetic synapse that forever protects the mother from catching anything her first or second born brings home in the way of viral or bacterial infection.

Baby brother has been sick since his birthday, and last night, I COMPLETELY lost my voice (no comments please.)

Now I am hacking up a lung! This, of course, after I told the cast of "Mattress" to NOT GET SICK and get a flu shot. Oh physician, heal thyself....


Thursday, October 13, 2005


I know today is probably not the day to bring this up, but I am possessed...

I know it takes all kinds to make a world, but why am I ALWAYS in line BEHIND them???

I have lots to report on my trip to SF, but today is a day for reflection and atonement. If I have crossed you, or slighted you, please forgive me. I'll try to to better in the coming year. And if for some reason I do it again, I apologize in advance....

Saturday, October 01, 2005

I've got two teenagers living in my house!!

Today we celebrated Baby Brother’s 13th (!!) birthday (the actual day is Thursday, if you were checking your perpetual calendar...) with hamburgers, cake, Simpson’s on the XBOX, and a visit to these guys at this theater. Not only did they sing him happy birthday, but they pulled him up on stage for one of their skits and HE SANG ON STAGE. I’m so proud!