Tuesday, January 24, 2006

I need to be in charge of all the madness!!!

Now I truly love sports. Not enough to play, but enough to understand and watch an assorted game or two, especially when the teams are local boys...


Can someone explain the logic of how and why in any rational society it is acceptable behavior to beat your girlfriend in a jealous rage in public, but not reasonable to protect your family from public displays of verbal abuse? Last week, Sean Locklear of the Seahawks got into a domestic dispute in front of witnesses, left visible marks around his girlfriend’s neck, she refused to press charges, yet we let him off the hook and he is allowed to play the very next game.

This same week, Antonio Davis of the New York Knicks attempted to protect his family when his wife tried to shield their child from the inappropriate behavior of a fan, and Antonio was suspended for five games (without pay) from the NBA.

Is it that the football league is lenient or indifferent with regard to this type of conduct? Or is the NBA under deeper scrutiny and Antonio is being held up as an example without consideration of the specific circumstance?

Either way, the message makes me sick to my stomach.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Just in case someone besides Flipsycab and Stennie read this blog, Go to Google, type in "unfortunately YOUR FIRST NAME," and hit enter! See what fun, wacky information you can find about yourself that's not really, actually related to yourself! Quotation marks are necessary and you must insert your own first name (not just type in the words your first name). First page hits are recommended. BTW, my name is not as usual as most, hence the shorter list...

See below for an example from yours truly. Please note: names have been substituted to protect the innocent.

Unfortunately, QOATIP was killed in an accident about seven years ago. I’m sure it seems that way since no one has heard boo from me, but. Ta da, not true. Here I am, brought back to the living thanks to Flipsycab and Stennie and this hysterical concept…

Unfortunately QOATIP is too busy to keep a forum. Well, isn’t that obvious, considering I haven’t’ blogged since f’ing NOVEMBER!!

Unfortunately QOATIP woke up with a splitting headache, Not bloody likely, since we have cut out the excess drinking phase of life.

Unfortunately, QOATIP needs training not to jump on people. I’m trying to be better

Unfortunately, QOATIP doesn’t trust her own creative voice. UMMMM, that’s not always true, but then, I did copy this….

Unfortunately, QOATIP had someone who didn’t bother practicing so she had to use her script on stage. This is my biggest nightmare

Unfortunately and very sadly for QOATIP, her good intentions could not save her from the hell of Iraq. Amen

Unfortunately, QOATIP is no longer with us. Again, untrue, but surely understandable for someone to think so.

Unfortunately, QOATIP isn't too fond of mutants. And again, I say Amen, and stay out of the movie theatre please, I’d prefer to watch without listening to you talk about your day.

Unfortunately, QOATIP's Place has come to an end. Well, until I am stricken by my muse(s) again.