Sunday, July 13, 2014

Tuesday, July 08, 2014

The New Car

My husband just bought a new car.  It's the first new car he's owned in 30 years.  He turned 60 this year, he earned it.

I was cleaning out the garage to make a nice clean home for it.  First I had to clean out and move the minivan.  I mean, we are going to sell it, right?

We could keep it and let our daughter drive it...But my husband wants to buy her something more her size.  (As if the minivan is too big for her.  My daughter can handle a minivan as well as she can handle any other car.)

We held onto and  practically gave our son my old car when Ken and I got new/used cars years ago.

After our son had been driving a while, we got rid of my old car, and got him a used car for his senior year of high school.  When we bought Battlesnake, it was from a friend of our daughter.  I trusted that the car had been well taken care of, and when we brought it to our mechanic, he had said it was safe, but warned us not to let him drive it to Seattle.

So we didn't.

In the three years we owned it, it might have gone to Seattle once. And I don't think it broke down once.  (Honestly I never didn't trust that car.)  When our son went away after high school, it sat in my driveway for him to drive when he was home on rare breaks.  We did this for over two years.

Then our daughter moved back to town a year ago. I figured when she was ready to drive, it would be there.

But no one drove it once for over a whole year.  It just sat there, and eventually died.

So we finally got rid of it about 6 weeks ago.

Now our daughter wants to get her license.

I say let her learn on the minivan.   I never didn't trust the minivan..I wouldn't drive it because I hate the stereotype of a mom in a van.  But kids in vans?  Especially females?  That's breaking down barriers people.