Monday, April 13, 2009

CD Mix 9

1. Shortest song in your collection—This is stupid Bloodhound Gang
Alternate: Drunk Driving, Sublime: actually shorter than the 18 seconds as reported.

2. Color my world—Red & Black Aaron Sanger

3. Good song from a rotten movie—Power of Two: Boys on the Side…sort of preachy, don’t you think? Alternates When You’re Good To Mama…From Chicago..actually, I loved all the music on this..Mr. Cellophane, Even Richard Gere surprised me. I thought this said bad song from a bad movie….anything from Mama Mia will fit, especially if Pierce Brosnan is pretending to sing on it.

4. Sincerest form of flattery —Could it be Magic Barry Manilow…guilty pleasure..I don’t care what you think…

5. Song about a character you don’t like—Springtime For Hitler..duh

6. Family Act—Peace Song Dean & Dudley Evenson Healing The Holy Land

7. Song about sex—Viagra in the Waters four Bitchin Babes. Alternates Let’s talk about sex baby Salt ‘n Pepa; Sexy Back Justin Timberlake

8. Department of Redundancy Department—Maria Maria dare you to sit still listening to this song..Santana

9. Song about the time of day—Saturday night and Sunday morning..if I’ve used this before, accept my apology. Morning has Broken Cat Stevens

10. A song that “takes you back.” Sound of Silence – Simon and Garfunkle, 6th grade choir.. Alternate..all have already been used on multiple cd’s…. Hard Day’s Night…Only Beatles can…Sailing, Chris Cross, At 17, Janice Ian..Here Comes the Sun…already alternate for Best. Song.Ever. Tears for Fears brings me a little closer to present, but still memory music…

11. Spoken word—Wasted Time, sharing a swallow. George Carlin…. Alternates wanted seven words…seven minutes…Friendship Test, Tenacious D

12. Alternate version—Counting Crows - Mr. Jones

13. SAT vocab song—My Favorite moment of The Bee_ Putnam County Spelling Bee

14. Epic—Eleanor_Rigby The Beatles

15. Nonsense—Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da The Beatles

16. Song about first love—First Love Adele

17. Kick-ass cover song—Teach me tonight Liza
Alternate: Bye Bye Blackbird..Joe Cocker In My Life, Bette Midler

18. Song you wish you had sung backup on. Walls Come Tumbling Down Tracey Spring

19. Amnesty song—Clementine – Raining Jane

20. Greatest song ever written, period. More than a Feeling Boston. The Best. Ask them. They’ll tell you. ALTERNATES: Here comes the sun Girls Just Wanna have Fun You’re Only Human