Sunday, January 27, 2008

CD Mix 6!!

Sad that I only write when Stennie charges us with a CD is #6 for your listening (and reading) pleasure...

1. Sellout (Mix #4)— Unwritten Natasha Bedingfield - If I see that Pantene commercial one more time, I may just kick the TV

2. A song that’s in a foreign language (Mix #1) Din Din Wo - So pretty

3. A song about cheating (Mix #3) Lives Apart –Hans York - I saw this guy live, he didn't sing this song, but I love the quality of his voice. And he is so nice too!!

4. Song that makes you cry (Mix #2) Everything’s Possible == Motherlode -- I love these lades.

5. B-side (Mix #3) I Miss You Kimya Dawson From the B Side of a Movie Soundtrack….does that count? From Juno, the movie I currently hate.

6. Kick-ass cover song (all)— Hey Jude Wilson Pickett So awesome...

7. Earworm (Mix #2)—Let’s get this party started - Pink I love her, and not a bad earworm to have, I must say.

8. A favorite live track (Mix #1) Fooling Yourself Styx This song makes me think of Spanky.

9. Title out of nowhere (Mix #5)—Maybe You’re Right Barenaked Ladies - always BNL..

10. A favorite song you have discovered since our last CD Mix (Mix #4) Superwoman Alicia Keyes - One of the few CD's I bought of Itunes in its entirety.

11. Favorite artist duo collaboration (Mix #1) Time After Time Cindy Lauper/Sarah McLaughlin. I love their voices, and there was a DVD version included!!

12. Geographical location song (Mix #3)—Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day Spanky hates these guys. Can you say Sellout?

13. Musical question… (Mix #4) What’s for Breakfast - Blues Traveler

14. And answer! (Mix #4)— Something Bad Idina Menzel, Wicked

15. Four-letter word (Mix #5)— Bitch (that kind of four letter word?) Meredith Brooks

16. Seven Deadly Sins (Mix #2)—Sin Wagon - Dixie Chicks

17. A song you wouldn’t play in front of your Mom (Mix #1)—My Unfortunate Erection – Putnam Spelling Bee -- Oh My God this song makes me laugh and makes Spanky cringe!1

18. Song about violence and/or death (Mix #3) Guilty Hands – The Senate These guys are amazing to watch, and again, so so nice. I hope you like them. Check out their website

19. Guilty pleasure song (#2) Shine On Leela Gilday - again, nice girl, lovely voice.

20. Amnesty Song - with a twist! A song that fits any two of the categories above. (Mixes #2-5, minus twist) Life, In a Nutshell Barenaked Ladies (14 and 19) just because I could eat them for breakfast...