Friday, February 09, 2018

For Brittany

I’m sorry to bother you.

I really have missed our weekly “workouts.” I don’t know if you know how much of a difference you have made in my physical life. I would have sent you a friend request, but I didn’t want to overstep or assume.

I would have gushed about you more in my article (did you ever see that?) but I didn’t want to overstep.

But I have been thinking about you. Especially the past two days. I apparently overstepped and messed up my ankle again. I don’t even remember if its the same one I messed up before the wedding (remember you fixed it so I could wear those 2” heels without ANY pain…

So I just looked through all my notes and I found the stretches and exercises you drew for me to keep my ankle healthy. It was one of the many you drew so lovingly (yes, I have EVERY. SINGLE. ONE.) The one I specifically asked you to set up with stretches and exercises for my writing days is on top of the clipboard. I mostly do them and have been doing very well. Except for my ankle. Which I think I messed up in my BodyCombat class.

Yes. Still working out at the gym…

So thank you again, and I really hope you could read between the lines in my article how grateful I am for you.

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